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    First, thank you for being here right now reading this. For us, this company is part passion project, part creative outlet all blended together to create a beautiful balance of entrepreneurism and customer service. As a former Fortune 50 General Manager, no one understands pressure more than I do. When I made the nail-biting decision to leave that post and head up this endeavor with partners (the “we), the only criteria that mattered was if we could do “this” better than anyone else. Now, not a single one of us thinks we can actually be better than everyone else in literal terms. That subjective measure is simply unattainable. However, what we do know is that everything we do is with the interest of simplifying the marketing experience, by putting the customer first.

    Prior to founding this company, I personally had experiences with marketing companies that were so painful. Time and time again I found myself frustrated with the amount of money that I was outputting to these companies that couldn’t seem to get it right. The employees were pleasant and the end product was decent, but I found myself having to hold hands and edit their work way more than I had ever wanted to.  This made me think, I can do this; I understand customer service after years in sales/marketing then years in management.  Simply put, I can do this better than anyone who doesn’t have a defined process that puts the customer experience first. With anything, the process defines the result.

    At See Vivid Creative, we do our homework upfront to understand you, your brand and your goals first.  Our team has experts from all facets of the industry, to ensure that you get what you wanted every time. No one understands the hustle better than we do. Being an entrepreneur is one of the hardest jobs out there, and the support you need should be seamless. That’s why you hire a marketing company, to take a critical piece of your business and put a huge spotlight on it.

    Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for awhile, we want to be the ones to shine that light on you. We have the unique perspective of being industry veterans that also are now just “getting started”, of course in our own venture. All of those same hurdles you are facing or have faced, we are facing. With so much competition for business, how do you stand out? How do you get new customers?

    Just like with your first customers, we hope you take a chance on us. Our dedication to you, your business and brand are what we live for. Live people, who are probably just like you work here. All US based and here for you as much as you need us. Thank you for reading this, and for considering See Vivid Creative.