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    Here are some answers to questions we get sometimes, if you don't see yours on here- reach out. Happy to talk it through.
    Do you require a contract? + -

    Short answer is no, we do not require contracts for any service. However, for the web design and maintenance package we do require an agreement that authorizes us to build/maintain the site for you. This protects you and us, by ensuring we both understand the obligation we agree to.

    Can I bundle multiple packages? + -

    Yes! We’d love to be able to provide more than one service for you. We offer 10% off to any returning customer for their next service.

    Will you come out to my location? + -

    We are headquartered in Sacramento, CA. If you are located within a 60 mile radius, yes we can come out to your site for photography or filming.  If you are located any where else, we ask that for any media you send it to us for editing.

    What is your average turn-around time? + -

    For photography, we are quick. Expect a 24-hour turnaround time. Web design takes 2-3 days once we confirm your design and receive content. SEO/Social Media is very quick, we can get started same day.

    Have A Question

    We are here to help, and that means talking through options. Call or email us anytime.

    833-See-Vivd (833-733-8483)

    Everything You Need, In One Place

    Our goal is to be able to provide our valued clients ALL advertising and marketing services. See something you’d like that’s not on here? Let us know, we’ll find a solution.

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