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    Tips & Tricks

    Content Advice

    Here you'll find loads of advice on the content you should be posting, recommended websites and apps, plus some templates that work.

    Prompt Ideas

    AI Assistance

    Here you will find many ideas for ChatGPT prompts and more. Examples and advice for the many new AI tools available.

    Virtual Staging

    Photography Enhancements

    Let us stage your photos for a cost-effective way to make your new listing, project, or sample look amazing: easy process and quick turnaround.

    Need more help?

    Custom Websites and Branding

    We'd be happy to discuss taking on your custom website, branding or marketing campaign. Let's talk, fill out our contact form and we'll be in touch soon.

    First Step

    Research & Analyze

    Meet with you, get to know you. Create a vision together for you, your brand and your marketing goals.

    Second Step

    Concept & Sketch

    Put together a rough draft plan. This i where your brand or project really takes shape.

    Third Step

    Design & Brand

    Your custom work begins with us, you'll be updated along the way and must approve everything we do.

    Fourth Step


    This is where your custom marketing plan takes off, goes live and starts your new campaign. Always fluid and flexible, and we'll be with you even after launch.

    Our Work

    We magnify your already unique brand. Through many artistic mediums, graphic design, photography and original art. Your website, your social media, your design is all you- just more vivid. Reach the crowd you want through customized branding campaigns.

    Who We Are

    We are a Creative Design Studio ready to help you bring your marketing and design ideas to life. Here is a quick snapshot of where we spend most of our time for our clients.

    • Photography

    • Web Design

    • SEO

    • Social Media

    • Graphic Design/Art

    View us as an extension of your company. This is your in-house marketing team. Crafting unique custom work that gets you noticed.

    Fast Support

    Unlike some companies, we believe in local and fast response. We are here for you when you need us, with multiple layers of support on our end so you always can reach a live person.

    Working Hours

    We work when you work. If you need to meet after hours or on the weekends, we are available for you. The modern work day is no longer 8-5, so we make ourselves flexible to meet our clients when convenient for them.

    Cups of Coffee

    We wouldn't be here without coffee, and appreciate all of those of you who love it as much as we do. We understand how demanding life can be with work, children, pets...the list goes on and on. Thank goodness for coffee!

    Cost Effective Packages

    Marketing your business shouldn't cost a fortune. We offer simple packages at reasonable prices, so you can make a decision and then move on to other things quickly. Easy and affordable is what we're striving for. Without compromising on the important things, like quality.


    Hear it from them, not us on why we’re the ones who will get you noticed.

    Mary L. Realtor®

    Easy to work with team that responds very quickly, always same day. Fast turnaround on my content and very reasonable pricing!

    Pat Seide Realtor®

    See Vivid Creative has been so good for our business, we needed the online presence they provide. Easy and cost effective!

    Trina Catanzarite Small Business Owner

    I worked with See Vivid to market some new products I was launching, they performed the photography and social media campaign for the launch. Erik was fantastic. Really easy going, did great work and I could focus on running my business.

    The Future of Marketing + -

    Marketing has shifted gears over the past five years or so to a heavy social media and search engine optimization presence. Businesses must have an active social media presence that covers everything from their general and more specific business and community updates. Plus, it must be unique to stand out. Search engine optimization otherwise known as SEO, optimizes your website to appear high in search rankings. These are critical for any business to be successful in this digital world. See Vivid specializes in this.

    Cross-over Benefits + -

    Having a heavy social media presence makes your business more relatable.  Seeing your personality shine through gives customers a feeling that they know you better, and are a connected to you in a more personal way. This generates feelings of loyalty and can help with repeat business. In addition, SEO gives your brand more recognition online, helping to make you a household name.

    Company Vision + -

    To become the leader in attorney, finance, CPA and real estate marketing. Understanding how demanding running your own business can be, See Vivid will take the marketing and advertising off of your hands.  We are as dedicated to seeing you succeed as you are, as business owners ourselves. The experience you have working with us will be easy, seamless and feel like an extension of your own team. Maintaining the strictest confidentiality, your marketing and advertising plan is uniquely you. Never duplicated.

    Mission Statement + -

    See Vivid represents the best in social media marketing, web development, professional photography, SEO and more. At all times quality will lead decision making, as the only choice for our clients. We honor all types of businesses, business owners and their clientele. We do not discriminate on ANY basis.

    Our Awesome Blog

    Keep up with our latest ideas, campaigns and news here.

    Advantages of Premium WordPress theme

    We’d love to discuss your marketing needs, ideas and how to make you more vivid. Contact us now.

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